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Never out of style

Our 2017 Early Spring Collection is full of key elements that make our clothing stand out. As a guy, these are the clothes you’ll want to wear — a perfect balance between familiar comfort with subtle details that make you look sharp or introduce something new, without ever feeling stuffy or showy, but sets you apart from the pack.

When we design, there’s an artful science to finding the perfect balance that looks good, but feels like it fits your personal style perfectly. We design clothes that purposely has an enduring style for as long as you have them in your wardrobe.

So, this time in between winter and spring is a perfect time of year to take a survey of the clothes in your closet. Particularly, the stuff that you never touch or simply deserves a proper retirement — and inject something cool back into your day-to-day routine from our latest collection.

Early Spring Style Highlights

There are a few standouts we’d like to draw to your attention. Take our Matinee Plaid, which looks good untucked with your favorite pair of perfectly worn-in jeans or perhaps a little more dressy, if the need arises. Whatever the occasion, it will deliver effortlessly cool style.

The striations of light and dark blue in our new Left Bank Sweater is perfectly comfortable with its medium-weight — something you'll grab all year round when the temperature calls for it. Speaking of perfectly worn-in, from the minute it arrives, the black indigo slub of the Enigmatic Knit Shirt will become a favorite. A button-down that feels as soft as your favorite tee shirt — and again, looks great dressed up or dressed down. 

With Spring’s approach around the corner, we don’t have to bundle up every day — but as you know, it’s wise to be prepared with layers. Our Arroyo Shirt-Jac is ruggedly handsome and unique. Washed down to an old, favorite drape, it features a tonal blue stripe and lightweight denim on the inside. Oversized snaps and two side pockets make this practical, but also something you’re likely to get compliments with while on. A perfect transition into the new year and new season.  Shop our entire Early Spring Collection here.

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Use the element of texture to enhance your own personal style.

We think the craft of something unique or special far outweighs a flash-in-the-pan trend. When shopping, guys should buy the stuff that’s going to have an enduring style. That’s why we focus on the elements of how a guy dresses instead of fleeting, often showy trends. If you look close, you can’t help but notice our appreciation for details: things like textures or stitched dobby techniques add something special to each garment. When we say "Details Inside" we mean it, look closely and you’ll find some thing special about everything we create. Take a look at the depth and texture to our Early Spring sweaters or the subtle and uncommon stitching techniques of our shirts. Read more here...