The Best Style... Is One That's All Your Own

Either you’re the kind of guy who walks around and notices other guys’ style — and uses that for inspiration or you’re the guy who doesn’t pay attention one bit and just does what instinctually feels right to him. Here at Carbon2Cobalt we embrace both sets of thinking and encourage everyone to find their own unique character in how they dress — with these elements you build upon what feels right to you. We like that individual spirit as we look around our own office so we invite you to see what the guys at Carbon2Cobalt’s Design Headquarters in Santa Barbara, California are wearing.

The “big boss guy” wanders around, literally always looking, effortlessly cool. You could find him wearing the Constellation Henley, C2C Elemental Jeans, Manifold Wrist-Wear, the Urban Explorer Boots and, most likely, underneath it all, the All Good Boxer-Briefs. With a backpack and iPhone, he wanders into the office and gets to work while feeling like himself and at ease.

When it comes to our catalog designer, he feels differently about his clothes, he likes to be effortlessly cool (but with a touch of effort), taking inspiration from the world and making it into his own. With his hair high and tight, he sports his Double-Clutch Leather Jacket as he reaches for his Well-Traveled Money Case to buy an espresso macchiato on his way to work. You can find him sitting in his office sporting the Impulse Plaid, Steadfast Jeans and the Crossover Sneaker

Our inventory guy is a bit more traditional and effortlessly driven, as you pass by his office, you’ll see two big computer screens in front of him as he casually wears a Nippon Tee layered under the Breakwater Sweater, usually paired with the Cargo Shorts or Flat Front Shorts (it is California). But if it's chillier, he will wander into the office donning the A Cut Above Khakis paired with the Rucker Park Oxfords

The finance guy, although a Californian has knack for being a little more New York groomed. Often seen with his computer, tablet and phone tucked away neatly in his Messenger Bag. He prefers the Paros Shirt, Compilation Khakis, Camden Road Boot worn perfectly over the Bathurst Socks (for the times he rolls his pants up a bit).

There are all kinds of guys in this world. Some, of course, care more than others when it comes to how they dress. Whether you dress for the effortless aspect of each day or consider yourself to be the coolest guy around, Carbon2Cobalt gets it and combines both types to create an effortlessly cool look. Shop our 2015 Holiday Collection here.