Fall 2014: In the Details

Our story is about the details — little touches: such as an inner layer that's ultra-soft or contrast stitching around a collar or perhaps the perfect wash and fit of a jean. Maybe it's a unique texture or just the right weight of a fabric or sometimes as simple as a color that just looks right the minute you try it on. And with careful additions (and subtractions), each style we design is just the right amount — all adding up to make you feel effortlessly cool.

Everything we offer at carbon2cobalt contains truly thoughtful details and qualities that simply enhance a guy's individual style — and contains an inherent quality that will make it a favorite go-to for years to come.

For us, when we feel good in the clothes we're wearing, we find that transcends to people's positive impressions about us — without ever saying a word. Don't be surprised if you receive a few unexpected compliments. And that's a nod to the meticulous nature we take in everything we design — it just fits and feels right from the moment you try it on. Rather than be flashy and make a big statement, we believe these little, often understated details do what they should do — subtly enhance your own character and style. Shop our entire carbon2cobalt collection and discover the details that matter to you.