2015: Inspired by Denim

There’s nothing quite like throwing on your favorite pair of jeans. Jeans can take us from work, to dinner, to the game and everywhere in between. Your favorite denim pieces can last forever and even get more comfortable the more you wear them, like an old baseball glove.

This spring, Carbon2Cobalt has derived much inspiration from denim. The “old friend” comfortability that comes when you put on your favorite jeansdenim shirt, or jacket, grants us a soothing respite from some of the more requisite and uncomfortable pieces in our wardrobe. The versatility of denim is so vast, and the different varieties can accompany you through every aspect of life.

For a night out, feel fresh and take our favorite C2C Elemental Jeans and pair it with our Whiteout Oxford Shirt and Mason Suede Wingtips. You’ll feel like yourself without the fuss of dressing up.

If you’re planning on going to a Saturday baseball game, do it with our light washed Sandwood Jeans, a Nippon League Tee featuring a new favorite Japanese Baseball team, and finish it with slipping on the very comfortable Staycation Boots and the C2C Cap.

While heading to that new lunch spot, celebrate the weekend with the Pixel Plaid, paired with our Touchstone Herringbone PantsTango Oxfords and our Benchmark Denim Jacket. Our new Denim Jacket with C2C tack buttons, is the perfect fit for a chillier Spring day.

Whether your work is casual or you have casual Friday, feel at ease with our Crosshatch Denim ShirtHash Mark Cuff and our Better Bet Bedford Pants in khaki. Feeling relaxed at work will help you kick off the weekend with a bang.

Other compliments to a great pair or jeans or a great denim jacket are the dark midnight Strike Twelve Shirt, the soft indigo and white yarns of the Basket Check Chambray, our favorite Black & Blue Chambray shirt and our new strikingly detailed windowpane plaid Indigo Stratum Shirt.

Denim has many faces. Carbon2Cobalt offers the feel and look to be effortlessly cool and be yourself.  Let our denim pieces bring out your best elements this Spring Season.

To check out the denim collection and choose pairings of your own, shop here!