The physics of a guy's wardrobe

Whether conscious or not, there are unstated laws of attraction when it comes down to what guy's like to wear. We covet the perfect denim jeans and we'll wear them over and over 'til perfection. Sure, we may endure the uniform of a suit and tie, but we gravitate toward something far more comfortable, with a little more individual style and quite honestly — what just feels right. The Physics of a Guy's Wardrobe is not a complicated theorem. If you accept this reasoning, you're well on your way to a self evident truth — these are the essential elements and science behind feeling effortlessly cool.

Carbon2Cobalt is the key to the formula
Everything we design is what we, ourselves would want to wear — and we always take into account the following simple scientific truths: We love denim, but we believe right out the gate, it should have the right wash and not require a lot of work to get to the point where if fits and feels just right. Shirts should possess the unique quality to dress-up when you need — or a much preferred untucked, dressed-down casual look. Add pattern in a pullover or sweater for interest and depth.

We also know that these physics dictate certain laws of attraction with color too. Guys naturally gravitate toward the combination of blue (such as indigo or shades of cobalt in jeans or the perfect plaid shirt) and carbon-like black, such as what you'd find in a classic moto-inspired leather jacket. These two colors provide a solid foundation of a guy's wardrobe. With that solid base of color, we then can safely introduce other tones of color that are refined and resonate with a guy's palette. For examples, look no further than the balance of our Kinetic Hoodie or the tasteful Upper Echelon Plaid.

But don't let the science of looking stylish overwhelm you. The rules are simple, wear what you feel most comfortable in with an attention to details, softness and fit and perhaps a bit of color. Combine all of these essential elements and you'll discover you've become what you'd hoped for — effortlessly cool.

"I've always believed that clothes should feel casual and comfortable yet be stylish enough for life's dignified moments. It's important to look timeless and feel effortlessly cool. Our carbon2cobalt collection is inspired from our elemental muses, polished refined and modern carbon mixed with rough, colorful and playful cobalt. Each day has moments that take you from carbon to cobalt. Either way, you're in your element." — Matt Cooper