Holiday 2016: Mastering the Elements

This time of year, thinking about adding a thermal tee or adding a scarf is just second-nature to what you do. 

And carbon2cobalt's latest collection has you covered for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. So, while a tee under you favorite plaid is easy to accomplish (we have some really cool, new takes on this look), maybe you owe it to yourself to consider (and try) something new — still in a way that suits your style — perfectly.

Case in point: Henleys wear just like a tee — and ours in particular offer an added style that nicely elevate your overall look. Take a look at the Constellation Henley for it's details and fine ability to look great with your favorite plaid, like the Sequoia Plaid, Dark & Story Shirt or Carbon Cord Plaid.  Be sure to check out our color options of our Maverick Henley or Prevailing Henley, the rugged style of our IPA Henley, the classic styling of our bestselling Respite, Kinetic and Equilibrium Henley’s, or the details on our new twist – the Sandstone Henley. There's no shortage of options in our collection, and there's no wrong choice.

Next, this season, we'd encourage you to rethink your rut of wearing the same sweater over and over. After all, winter still has a few months left, you owe it to yourself to mix things up — and quite frankly, donate those older sweaters. We love sweaters, especially ones with cool details and elements that just look good on (case in point: check out the texture and grown-up style of the Migration V-Neck.) But if you don't know already, a knit pullover is an option we can't live without during the winter nowadays. You'll never tug at your collar with a buttoned or zip placket — and you can easily look great in a tee or a collared shirt. See what we mean by imagining yourself in the classic Intrinsic Sweater or the awesome texture found in the Spontaneous Sweater. Find extra warmth (and style) in the Hi-Def Zip Neck or if you don't know about the softness of the bestselling Gloaming Cashmere Sweater, you absolutely owe to yourself. And it's not just the Gloaming, we're not big fans of anything itchy during this time of year, so all of our sweaters not only fit well, but feel really good (and instantly broken-in) on. 

That's the trick about not only dressing well this time of year, but learning to enjoy the clothes you wear. There's no reason why you can't take inventory — donate those clothes to someone who really needs them — and introduce something new to your routine. Practical stuff with details that aren't about a trend, but will always look good on a guy. Thinking this way may just make you a little more adventurous — and look forward to layering for the winter. Not sure what we mean? Here are some hints: Don't overlook our ridiculously soft Transcendent Sherpa Pullover. Our Base Vest is perfect for one of those welcome sunny, sunglass-wearing days when there is still snow to stomp around in. And if you don't have a leather jacket, don't overlook the rugged (but with a soft ol' soul) Gradient Leather Jacket, or perhaps you rather rock the vintage-feel of the hip Cardiff Coat. As always, we'll never dictate what your style should be at carbon2cobalt — rather we design (and wear) our clothes because we know it enhances a guy's existing personality.

We just know you can't go wrong with our latest. Take a look for yourself.