The Clothing That Guys Genuinely Love

Introducing our 2017 Fall Collection
for Men

While we’re now offering a separate line just for women, our commitment to our men’s collection is not wavering. Always grounded in the idea that we offer colors, styles and subtle but cool details that guys love — we are excited to share all that’s new for the season.


Some call it love at first sight. For the less romantic, we simply appreciate it when your new clothes fit well and look like they were made for our sense of things.

If you’re like us, you’d prefer it if your style wasn’t necessarily defined in one word — or definable, for that matter. You’re willing to try new things, but you know it’s right when it not only looks cool, but just feels right on. In other words, it’s the details.

Stuff like the right combination of colors, the softness and fit of the way a shirt feels on, or the the details on a jacket that make you feel like you’re not following the same old flock of sheep. Clothes that don’t beg for attention, but may get you an unexpected compliment or two. 

And we’ve stayed true to these philosophies about how we dress — in our designs for our Men’s Fall Collection. We hope you agree and try something new out. Take a look for yourself. The details are inside...