Seven Ways to Find Your Perfect Plaid

A plaid shirt is more than a style of a shirt — it can evoke good memories of your youth: a multicolor plaid tied around your waist with black jeans listening to your favorite band perform live. Another plaid can evoke favorite memories of being unplugged from the world, cooking by campfire somewhere deep in the backcountry. And everywhere in between. The plaid shirt has become an iconic element in every guy's wardrobe. 

When we stop and think about it — we realized this is a style of shirt that has endured whatever the trend; from our tragically hip youth to adulthood's necessities of work. The plaid has always been there by our side, ready for whatever our days bring. 

So, as Fall approaches (quite possibly the plaid shirt's favorite season), we suggest maybe taking a moment to appreciate The Plaid Shirt and consider some new updates for your Fall wardrobe. Yes, we've perhaps put an unusual amount of thought into the matter, but we do so, so you don't have to.

We’ve made it easy with seven easy ways you can fit the plaid shirt into your day-to-day (and perfectly attuned to your own personal style and taste).