Men’s: This is what we love to wear

A perfect balance of all of the things we like — a little bit rugged, wonderfully soft and always sharp looking. An amplification of your own personality and style.

Whether it’s a gift or for yourself — the latest additions to our men’s collection capture the spirit of carbon2cobalt. We intentionally focus on details that matter: the softness of the fabric, a special trim or the feel of a button — and let you figure out your own style with great building blocks to work with — creating what we call an effortlessly cool style. You just know it and appreciate it as the clothes you feel natural in, the clothes that you want to wear. Check out our latest additions and we hope there is something that perfectly suits you and that you’ll give it a try.


We dig the blend of a shirt and a jacket

We call it a shirt-jac (or a jac-shirt, if it leans more jacket first), but what really matters is how great the blend of shirt style and jacket can be. A welcome layer that’s perfect this time of year, as well as a look that can be worn in a variety of ways (we prefer it with just a tee or henley). Let a shirt-jac tackle a cold morning and when it warms up in the afternoon — toss it in the front seat, when you’re ready for just a tee — and come back to it later in the night.


What makes a shirt extraordinary?

To understand why a carbon2cobalt shirt is unlike any other — you have to appreciate the effort we take when we design a shirt. We focus on the details and stay connected to not just the look of the fabric or its color, but the tactile feel of it. Does it become better with a unique double-layer, a special trim that stands out, the style of collar, the feel of the buttons — or other details that make it special. Ultimately, we ask ourselves is this a shirt we’d love to wear. And when the formula is right — we know it’s ready to be added.
Explore the details yourself.


How to easily take your style (or your gift-giving) to the next level:

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Tees, Polos & Henleys

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Great Gift Ideas