Men’s: Discover the Art of Blending Summer’s Mood into Fall Style.

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We’ve got you covered for Fall

Summer can only put up a fight to stick around for so long — Fall is around the corner. You can begin to feel it in the morning air, days are getting shorter and layers are quickly going to become important to our day-to-day. And quite frankly, we couldn’t be more excited to share what classic, good-looking refinements we have for the season for you.


Truth is — Fall weather can often be warm and right now, we’re still wearing tees and short-sleeves. But cooler mornings and nights are the first signs that the season is changing, and an extra layer is wise to plan for. Not necessarily a coat just yet, but we think it looks great to pair your warm weather clothes with a great new plaid shirt or shirt-jac. Add jeans (or a khaki pant) and a tee and you’re good to go — perfectly at ease, but also looking sharp and ready for the season.



To stay looking sharp, we think a new season is also a good time to take inventory of what’s not getting worn in your closet. Are there any old shirts that never get worn? Maybe it’s time to retire them and add a fresh take to your day-to-day with shirts that are going to look great on, but also that you enjoy wearing. Shouldn’t that be the simple standard for all the clothes we wear? Each shirt we design — possesses something special; unique elements and details — whether that’s a perfect fit, softness or a trim that a button that just feels thoughtful, but also natural. But don’t take our word for it, go browse our latest selection and we will wrap and get you your choices to your door.

Plan ahead WITH EXTRAS

In addition to opting for your stack of tees, we also recommend considering our henleys. They were like a tee, but dress up a look in the right ways. And transition perfectly into warmer layers for the Fall too. Like our new knit Foliage Sweater — with its henley-like styling, its knit warmth will be welcome — and best of all, it’s great on its own or to layer too, like with our Passeggiata Shirt or Hammond Plaid Shirt.


With our Fall Collection, there are no wrong decisions — and we encourage you to explore and find something that’s perfect for you — and your style. Take a look for yourself.