2015 Holiday Layering

The holiday season is well upon us and we can all agree this year was the fastest yet. Whether you’re getting pretty used to the snow already or soaking up the last bit of that 60-degree weather before the Snowpocalypse hits, you need to be prepared for freezing weather.  There are plenty of ways to layer, but Carbon2Cobalt is going to help you layer in an effortlessly cool way.

When you’re flying home for Christmas two things come to mind- hoping the security line isn’t from here to eternity and wanting to be comfortable on the plane.  Start the outfit with the Surf Wash L/S Tee layered under the Quantum Hoodie.  This pairs great with the C2C Elemental Jeans, Bungee Trail Shoe and the Lake Effect Leather Jacket.  This outfit allows you take layers off while you’re on the plane, staying comfortably cool, but also to bundle up when you step out of the airport into that blistering air.

While you’re home and your family and friends drag you out to Christmas shop around the city all day, we’ve got you covered.  Layer the Cultivated Long Sleeve Tee under the Hi-Def Zip Neck or the Gloaming Cashmere Sweater, paired with Power Cords, Rambler Boots, Gifted Cashmere Beanie, Transcendent Scarf and the Bend in the Road Leather Jacket. You’ll look effortlessly cool and feel pretty good about being tugged around all day.

And on Christmas morning as everyone is going crazy over presents and you’re getting ready to enjoy your newest techy toy, grab a cup of coffee (making it Irish isn’t a bad idea) and sit back knowing you can relax all day in your Christmas Day Attire.  To layer up and be cozy all day, try our Hundred Grand Henley, Mica Sweats and Lounge Imperative Hoodie — and this doesn’t look half bad at the table if you don’t feel changing for Christmas Dinner.

The Holidays can bring on a lot of stress, but the most important part is that we can eat plenty of sugarcoated goodies, drink many spiked things, receive gifts and be with family and friends.  Make sure you layer up and stay effortlessly cool and snug as you reunite with everyone for the festivities.