Spring 2016: Here's to the Goal of Having a Wardrobe You Love

Perfect Tee? Like C2C favorite, Nippon League Tees

Perfect Tee? Like C2C favorite, Nippon League Tees

The jeans we would wear every day if we could — the C2C Elemental Jean

The jeans we would wear every day if we could — the C2C Elemental Jean

There is a daily routine that happens for a lot of guys: A half-awake scratch on the scruff of the chin, while wondering what to wear today.

This whole process day-after-day can become a bit unconscious too. While there are soldiers in that line up that represent a different (although required) side of dressing — that suit jacket, those hanging ties or that sweater only worn around the holidays — its normal for guys to gravitate toward favorites, a select few. Essentially, things that feel comfortable on. And the truth is, a lot of us would probably wear the same pair of jeans and that perfect fitting tee over and over if we didn’t think we’d start getting scornful looks. Truth is there’s no reason, as guys that we can’t feel that way about our entire wardrobe.

And while New Year resolutions rarely work out in the long term, a better approach might be to mindful throughout 2016 to end this daily conversation and pursue a lofty dream:

Why can’t everything in your closet be simpler, and full of the stuff you love?

We don’t mean the latest fashions that will look out-of-date by June, but the stuff that looks like it was made for you and your personality. In other words, the stuff that just feels right when you put it on — the clothes you’re not gonna ignore hanging in that closet of yours.

One way way to get a jump on this goal is to take a good look at the Early Spring Collection at carbon2cobalt.com. This newest collection has the right elements to choose from. And if there’s one rule to this goal: it’s that these are enhancements to your wardrobe, not statements about trying to be some guy who I am not. When we say our clothing is effortlessly cool, it means it’s a quality woven into the clothing’s design that flatters or enhances you in whatever style” you project, even if that style doesn’t require any specific label. And we think that seems like a far better approach to how a guy should dress from day-to-day.


For Spring, the collection is soft and almost feels already worn-in and ready-to-go. The Shortwave Shirt is a perfect example — everything from the broken stripe pattern that fades in and out, to its lightweight, washed down feel is perfect for dressing up or dressing down. Same goes for the Catalyst Polo. Classic and understated, but with a little bit of detail and color that looks sharp on the weekend and weekday alike. However you want, whatever you want — these are clothes that stand up and fit right into to whatever you’re up to.

Surf-inspired tones, like the Green Room Sweater is also a nice approach to this time of year. Flattering in its casual nature — this sweater is also loose and perfect to throw on as a layer. In between the threads, it also casts a subtle and casual approach to life. Casual, but not sloppy. Rational, but not stuffy. The same way the Java Hoodie seems perfectly suited to run errands in and also yes, also grabbing a cup of coffee with.

The perfect update to the classic white shirt.

The perfect update to the classic white shirt.

And while we all love a classic white button down, there are days where that starts feeling a standard-issue guy’s uniform. And we don’t think there’s anything wrong with punching it up a bit in the right way with a colorful shirt. Especially this time of year, when the outdoors can be stormy or drab one minute and tease you with some sunshine the next, we fully support taking the upper-hand in the situation.

It’s a perfect time of year, to grab something upbeat like the Vitamin C PlaidRendezvous Plaid or even subdued, yet uniquely colorful Mesa Plaid that inject color in a flattering way. These new C2C shirts are just the right tone or amount of color that won’t make you do a double-take at the guy in the mirror and also may get you some unsolicited compliments.

This time of year also requires different weights and something like the new Midnight-Cylinder Sweater — a great textured sweater that fits the bill on all occasions. It has rugged moto details look great with jeans or with cargos like the Prime Maneuver Cargos. Even if you gave up motorcycles years ago, this still feels right. The stuff guys wear should reflect the life they like to lead and probably best when it’s done in a way that you’re not making some big statement either. There’s plenty to choose from that will speak to you in the Early Spring Collection.

Afterall, a lot of what makes a cool guy” stand out, is he is just being himself, meaning he’s inherently comfortable in your own skin. And we think that should be every guy’s goal for his closet. Get rid of the stuff that no longer suits you (or fits you) and make room for stuff that just feels right. With details that you like — not what someone else tells you to like. And quite frankly, we think a lot of that is what makes up the latest collection at carbon2cobalt