Summer 2015: Elevating the White Shirt

The white shirt; it’s Element #1 in a guy’s wardrobe.  For far too long it’s been treated as a uniform rather than the stand out player it should be.  While the white shirt attends many memorable events in life as a silent member, from a first date – to the first day on the job – to a wedding day, the event was the piece remembered, not the shirt.  At C2C we’ve created white shirts that will be commemorated for themselves and not just for where they were worn.  To make it noteworthy the design must be meticulous, concealing simple yet extraordinary detailing and utilize fabrics that solicit compliments and frequent wearing’s, all these things done right, elevate this iconic staple.

One of our very favorite white shirts is the Sundowner Shirt.  It is constructed of two layers of cotton gauze woven together to create a soft, breathable basic.  It has also been designed so the inside layer is slightly darker, offering contrast and minimize potential see through.  This shirt offers the perfect amount of formality for a beachy event or wedding and also heading to work on a hot summer day.  Roll up the sleeves and unbutton a tad to feel effortlessly cool.

With crisp red, white and blue, the Greater White Shirt hits on the purpose of a white shirt but offers an upgraded version with a touch of individuality.  For the guy who enjoys a twinge of something different, this shirt is perfect.  Make yourself visible, but not obnoxiously detectible.

Our Whiteout Oxford Shirt is a newer favorite at C2C.  This shirt spices it up offering blue chambray in the placket, neck cuffs and side seams.  You can stand out a little more in the office showing your personality and that you go against the grain while working with it.  And after work, roll up the sleeves to show that chambray while you head on that date.

The Spectrum Shirt is an alternative example of a white shirt taken to the next level.  It is updating the white shirt with a spectrum of colors-pin tucked navy, yellow and red threads run vertical down the shirt.  Wear this shirt tucked into our A Cut Above Khakis  while “enjoying” a board meeting.  It will be distinct all the while it stays you.

If you are interested in taking your white shirt up a few extra notches, try our Cloud Bar Shirt-cloud soft with a breezy drape.  It is soft, light weight and offers a little more color to your white shirt collection.  You can dress it up or dress it down-unbuttoned with a tee.

While the white shirt may not at first appear to be the special aspect of a great date or wedding - it’s the people, great food and wine; we hope that when you look at any of our white shirts while sifting through your closet, you’ll remember the importance that has happened while wearing it.  We believe an exceptional white shirt can help to make memories and be memorable on its own – for those kinds of shirts, shop with C2C.