Summer 2015: It's time for a getaway

Whether you’re preparing for a vacation, a weekend getaway or a even a staycation, there is nothing quite like having a few days off to rediscover the art of leisure. Waking up to the beach with waves crashing, big city sounds, espresso with the smell of fresh croissants, or, just smelling the grass from your own backyard — there’s just something about knowing that you don’t have to rush. This time of year is the best time to partake in a variety of leisurely activities — so grab a bag and go with your instincts and let Carbon2Cobalt cover what to pack — so that you can focus on the good stuff.

Rural or urban, beach or mountains — the Aegean Polo is the perfect shirt/tee/polo that allows you to enjoy a day outside and will easily transfer you to dinner and cocktail attire. The Aegean Polo feels like a tee, it’s a cotton slub jersey but offers enough detail that allows you to move from casual or dressy without changing your outfit; offered in two colors; Blue or Salt.  For the day, pair it with our Latitude Cargo Shorts — with cargo pockets to store your wallet, phone and curiosities collected on vacation.  Whether you’re doing plenty of walking around a new destination that is waiting to be discovered, or your own neighborhood, our Dawn Patrol Slip-Ons are ridiculously lightweight, easy to slip on and off and have a classic California look.  Finish the outfit with our Wood Shades, stylish and functional.

Add an international, well-versed look to your wrist by pairing your outfit with our Equator Cuffs, which look cool alone and even better together.  And travel like a pro, while smelling good on holiday with our Roll-On Cologne (and since it’s a solid roll-on, you will never get hassled by TSA for it), offered in fresh summer scents; Citrus Pine and Lemon Grass.

Vacation is all about relaxing and freeing yourself from day-to-day stress, so why not buy the clothes that add to that vibe? Your outfit should be so comfortable and stylish, so much so you don’t even have to think about it — something that just suits the new relaxed you. Simply be yourself – effortlessly cool — we’ve got you covered. For great summer vacation/staycation clothes look for more details inside...