2017 Summer: Nature's Elements


As the Summer heats up, even at dawn, you’ll want our SUN BORDER SHIRT. Made from a cloud-soft double-cloth, its breezy construction will keep you cool in the climbing temps.This shirt features red rock and sandstone tones interspersed with desert sky blue.


Summertime is when the element of earth releases it’s hard shell and becomes a soft, pliable medium for nature to thrive. Like the intriguing black and brown striations in obsidian rock, a rich, earthy contrast is the focal point of our OXIDE POLO that is an all-cotton jersey polo that’s top dyed black over a warm, rustic brown for a sun-washed effect.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 10.55.21 AM.png

Come summertime the element of water and diving in is irresistable. Blues and greens are known to have a calming effect on the mind. When you add touches of energizing red to the mix, the result is a shirt that will completely revitalize your getup almost like jumping into an aqua sea with red coral right beneath you. Better than traditional therapy, our THERAPY PLAID SHIRT makes you relax just slipping it on. But don’t get too lazy, the subtly raised stitch of lavender-gray keeps you energized and ready for any water sport that comes along.


Summertime is when the element of air is most enjoyable. Forget about the hidious plaids you are supposed to wear on the golf course. These cool-wearing FIELD-DAY SHORTS in a handsome check are incredibly comfortable, cool-wearing and totally acceptable on the golf courses of today, plus, three strategically placed tee holders won’t raise suspicion when you say you’ll be “out in the field” for the rest of the afternoon.