2017 Early Spring: Enhance Your Style with Texture

Your clothes should never be boring.

We are all guilty of it — finding yourself in a men’s clothing store and getting convinced that whatever the fashion trend of the moment is, would look great on you. And worse, every time you put that thing on, you end up feeling like you stand out as a bit of a spectacle. For guys, there’s sort of an unspoken rule: most of us just want stuff that lasts and is enduring well beyond the the trend d'jour. We aspire to embody something “classic and cool,” but maybe more importantly — we just want to feel like we’re being true to ourselves and our own style & spirit. 

In some ways, that frustration in stores inspired how carbon2cobalt approaches the clothing we design in our studio in California — and why we like the idea of offering our own unique styles direct to you online or through our catalog. We design clothes that we, ourselves, feel comfortable in. Classic, enduring styles that look in current now, but will also look great ten years from now.

By staying true to the elements of how a guy likes to dress, we can raise the bar from being anything but boring in how you dress. By always exploring and applying new techniques for stitching, combining fabrics or maybe just adding a little thoughtful color detail — we can take things to a welcome new level with familiar comfort. The sort of subtle detail that makes a sweater feel so good on because it’s not restrictive or bulky. A shirt that looks great with sleeves rolled up and untucked, as much as it does tucked in and with a blazer for date night. Expect compliments about your own style when you wear our clothes. After all, it’s all in the details...

Our Early Spring Collection is great to find your own style — with options to find something that represents you. Take a closer look at the details, and you’ll discover something special.

In our latest collection, we were inspired by playing with color, light and texture. Lighter weight sweaters that are great for layering, but offer more movement — and just look great on. The welcome color of the Empyrean Sweater is also washed for amazing softness, but the texture is what makes it really shine. Speaking of texture, we have to mention the lightweight but super cool pattern and texture of the Whitecap Sweater.

We were inspired with our newest shirts as well — classic button downs, but on a whole new level with unique dobby or other stitching techniques. Look no further than the Altitude Dobby for this sort of exacting intrigue. The Buoyant Dobby shirt has a pattern of geometric red and blue across its ocean of indigo and the Pointillism Shirt is a beautiful indigo blue from a distance, but up-close, you’ll notice the amazing detail and vibrant thread variations. The unique gray top-dye over the bright hue of the Subterfuge Plaid make this shirt masculine, a bit off-road, but also ready to show them all who’s boss. And that’s just the start — browse the details in the images above — and find something that speaks to your own style. Elevate your wardrobe, but be assured these are elements that will be welcome for seasons to come.

Afterall, let your clothing tell a story about you, not have them tell you who you should be. 

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