Carbon2Cobalt's 2016 Christmas Provisions Guide

From the guy that has everything to the guy that really have more when it comes to unique, well-crafted clothes and accessories — we have them all covered...

Little risk, he’s gonna like this:

Yeah, it’d be easier if he made a list of stuff he’d like to have — but you know that’s not gonna happen, so let’s start off with the stuff we wear ourselves — the stuff that guys end up wearing over and over. 

Take the Sequoia Plaid, for example. He’ll quickly appreciate there’s something unique about it’s double-lined softer-than-soft nature, even if you only ever hear, “This is a nice shirt.”

Oh, sweaters. Perhaps past purchases have lived a sad, lonely life in the drawer come January. We’ve got a remedy for that: our rib-knit collared Spontaneous Sweater or bestselling Gloaming Cashmere Sweater. 

Still not sure what he’s looking for, clothes-wise? Go for a surefire gift perfect for doing absolutely nothing: our super-soft Man Jams or Staycation Loungers and the Hundred Grand Henley or our Man’s Robe with its thermal knit outer layer and a super soft terry interior.

One-up him with gifts like these: 

Our Double Stack Hoodie has a retro feel without all the brand labels — but most importantly, with one touch of its softess, you won’t be able to put it down — it’s double-knit leaves it smooth and lofty without being bulky.

If he appreciates a nice shirt, consider the All-Terrain Dobby Shirt. At first glance, it’s handsome in midnight blue and russet — but look closer to see the cool details: rugged texture and fine-wale cord trim.

Gifts to make him smile: 

Does he love motorcycles? Cars? Both? Check out the heirloom quality, German-made Moto Racer or the Futuristic Racer cars. If he’s more of a fix-it guy, he’ll love our no-two-are-alike vintage British rulers or levels.

Other unexpected surprises: Our winter-welcome Skyline Scarf or for the sensory savvy: our hearty Jingle Bell Ale Candle or Cedarwood Stout Soap

Don’t forget our mischievous wood Sling Shot. It’s an all-time favorite at the office and c’mon, unwrapping that would make any guy crack a mischievous smile. 

He deserves it - the big gift:

Our Double-Clutch Leather Jacket is loaded with rugged, moto-styling without being showy, and the hood snaps off to reveal a stylish banded collar, so it’s pretty much two jackets in one. 

Another go-big item: our Shoreline Bomber. A shearling-trimmed leather jacket, it’s wonderfully warm for winter with its quilted lining yet is stylishly low-profile. 
The always welcome gift: 

Still scratching your head? The gift of giving him a choice with a gift card can sometimes be the best gift of all. (We think he’ll have no problem browsing our collection with mad money in hand.)