Great Gift Ideas for Her from our C2C Women's Gift Collection

The winter holidays are easily a favorite time of year. The crisp, chilly air and the urge to stay in and bake foods at home are some of the comforts we love to embrace. Holidays also welcome back family and friends, new and old. This time of year is about coming together — sharing and enjoying the details of life’s bigger picture, filled with lots of love and laughter.

We want to begin the gift giving season with ease. We don’t feel like gift giving has to be a big stressful event around crowds and bustle. Much like those personal gatherings, we think gift giving should be thoughtful and with good intentions, not a rushed frenzy. Shop from home and easily cross off several on your list from our Men’s Collection, but also consider the women on your list — and find a gift that fits her personality perfectly.

Start an enjoyable hunt with our unique collection of Women’s Accessories — a homerun when it comes to giving the best gifts. Each piece is hand-picked or designed with gifts that could be perfect for best friends in mind (don’t forget gifts for your mother, nieces, aunts, etc.). We make sure that with each piece, no thought goes unexplored. Begin early & discover a new favorite this year in our Holiday Collection of Women’s extras. 

Within a large selection of all shapes and sizes, you’ll notice each bag has been crafted purposefully in it’s own unique character. Don’t be overwhelmed by options, consider what they value most; function, style, or maybe all of the above? We have an array of options with different pockets and closures, so you can find exactly what you need.

A special, thoughtful reflection as a gift for someone else — or perfect to add a special detail for yourself during upcoming holiday parties and events. Silver, gold, beads, & stones, we’ve managed to create something special for everyone — including yourself.

Warm for Winter
Maybe it’s a trek across the country to spend time with family or maybe it’s a trip to the mountains, but here’s another thought for you or as a great gift; ridiculously soft and snuggly warmth from the perfect beanie or headband. You’re sure to get smiles and gratitude through the winter months.

The Gift of Staying In
No one is going to deny that the treat of pampering oneself isn’t always a welcome gift — stay in with a warm bath, a great book, deliciously handcrafted soaps and one of the softest robes you’ll ever discover. We fully encourage you to indulge and relax.

There are other ideas too — something that every personality, including your own might simply love as a treat this holiday season. Take a look at our entire collection online and find something with just the right amount of detail — gift giving, the carbon2cobalt way won’t steer you wrong.