Mastering the Art of Casual

From that first cup of morning coffee before tackling some around-the-house projects to the contemplation of a possible — much-deserved — nap later in the day, our approach to casual feels great no matter what your weekend plans are. So, why not revel in the simple act of looking good while relaxing this weekend? There’s more to shop from on our site, but we’re enjoying the stylish ease of this super-soft, perfectly balanced Well-Seasoned Sweatshirt, the wear-anywhere Quantum Sweatpant and the cool details on the Westside Trail Shoe.

For all too long, weekend casual has often translated into tattered clothes that could only be loved by you. There’s no reason you can’t step up your game without compromising that relaxed comfort you love. In fact, you may need to prepare yourself for a few unexpected compliments along your weekend journey. Capture that goal of being effortlessly cool with subtle details you’ll appreciate this Fall, and we guarantee you’ll be very tempted to toss those old, tired duds you were sporting before — or at least give them a bit of a time out.

Our recommendation for a perfect weekend:
Well-Seasoned Sweatshirt: This refined take on the classic sweatshirt is perfect.
Quantum Sweatpants: Quite simply our favorite sweats. Practical details, but infinitely comfortable.
Westside Trail Shoe: Stylish doesn’t have to be flashy. This sneaker is ready for any adventure you can think of.